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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hello there!!! I've just make a Comeback, LOLOLOL xD Wahh, its been awhile since the last time I blogged, a friend of Mine named Ibana inspired Me to blog again, so here I am, blogging again =3

I'm currently addicted to S<3FT's Remix Songs, You can check them out in here: http://intothenewworld.net/main.html

Go to page 7, and if You're a S<3NE Yourself, You could probably check the museum out, it shows the Girls' History throughout the year =) Can't believe its been 4 years already since they first debuted

By the way, any of You watched GTO? (Great Teacher Onizuka) That was like the most inspiring anime/movie filled with good morale too, I cried, literally, as some of the scenes are breathtaking and emotional-struck, if You haven't watch it You should =3

And I lost My BB, sighh.. I'm glad that Mom and Dad are not mad about Me losing it, and I still got LG BL40 Chocolate to use, but I kinda miss using BB, should I buy a new one?

I've loved SNSD for 5 years, and I also loved this one Girl for 3 years already, well, its one sided though =)) She's always in My mind whenever I'm not thinking of anything, and I've spent millions of IDR just for giving Her some presents, mitchi geso-yo!! ><

Sadly, I realized that being sophisticated in love is just, pointless, I tried to forget Her, but I just can't, it is kinda weird, and when I went to Puncak with My Friends, I had this XXX Dream with Her, OMFG, I almost jizz in My Sleep, a Wet Dream LOLOLOLOL, I'd be ashamed with My Friends if that happened xDD But it was one of the nicest dream I've ever had hehe xP

I think thats it for today, bbyong~~


Friday, January 22, 2010

Well, I guess it's been a long time since the last time I blogged, so now I'm writing a post just to give a little tiny bit of an update to My forsaken blog =P

Lately, I'm in a Hormonic Imbalance, I bought 2 Pcs of SNSD's Beyond 9 Sweater, one Green (Worn by Taeyeon) and one Red (Worn by Yoona) I also bought their Girls' Generation MV (Music Video) Sweater, bought BL40, an R Necklace, and many other Soshi goodies xD

I'm currently in the midst of Final Exam, pretty satisfied with My Business Law and Management Information System, probably a minimum of 86 out of 100

-Continued later-


Saturday, November 22, 2008

I've decided that I'll start Blogging again..^^ You Guys might be wondering of "WTF are these Pictures doing?"

Well, since I'm helping My Father everyday now, I barely have time to play Maximum Tune & Initial D like I used to be before, so I'm playing AyoDance at home, currently the only game I'm interested in, but Maximum Tune and Initial D shall never die in My Heart, wakakaka!!XDD

Since I'm working now, My Allowance's a bucks, and I was given BII & BCA ATM Card worth 50jt @25jt.. and Flazz Card 100k, nice isn't?

But since I don't know what the fuck should I use the money for, so for the first time I buy expensive foods for Me to try on, and I even buy clothes and spend 1 hour on a fashion shop, LOL!It's Ripley's Believe it or Not..O.o

I don't know why, I'm now interested in Fashion..R__R Maybe because of the influence of playing AyoDance every night..@,@

Oh well, ain't got any inspiration or HOT Topic to write on so..That's all folks!/\ /\

BTW, isn't this sexy?~.^ WAKAKAKA!!!X)

So what do You think?Does My Fashion Style unique or shit?I know it's only a game, but I LOVE modelling it,hahaha =pv

This is just a part of My Char's Avatars, too lazy to upload more, so later!


Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm going to abandon this Blog because..

1.I've a GF now..
2.My Dad just bought me a Single ID4 Cabinet at Home which cost a LOT!
3.Too busy with work & AyoDance at night.



Tuesday, September 9, 2008



BETTER BEFORE I WORK HELPING MY FATHER LAH..ONLY 100k PER DAY,SPENT ON Maximum Tune & Initial D 80k and 20k TO EAT..NOW,blh d kaya..ada atm BII BCA FLAZZ isi ratusan juta hasil kerja 3 bulan ini,,tapi gw ga bs kmn2 tod!!!!!!khontol babi,ga enaq bgt si kl udh gede,Bokap jg blg "Kl udh gede pikiranya hrs cari duid,ga blh maen2 lagi"

EEQ chikomelantit,jdi selama ini Dia maen ma gw buad apa?!tahiq bnr2..dah 3 bulan gw ga nyentuh Maximum Tune & Initial D,SERASA SEABAD GA MAEN!!!!nge-blog aja dah ga sempet gw,baru ini aja gw ngeblog,dan sori untuk bahasa indo,gw soalnya gi kesel bnr2...bnr d kata Kartika di MSN waktu itu

"Freedom will not be there at times when You need it the most"

fuck2,shit2,kerja2,haiz,khontolz..pulang malam,ga blh maen komp warnet custom gw lagi,mst lgsng tidur,kl gk bsk ga bs kerja ktnya..zZzZzZ

selama ini gw tdr2an bgn jam 1 malam buad maen tau gk...trus tmn2 ol gw ma tmn2 lama pd gk maen,cmn tmn audition aja yg maen tngh mlm,mknya skrg gw cmn maen audition..

u know what?i spent 3jt bli vocer audi since i don't know what should i spent the money 4..

and for da 1st time that I ACTUALLY USE MY MONEY TO EAT SUMTHIN EXPENSIVE and I EVEN BOUGHT SOME CLOTHES!!usually my mom bought it all 4 me..

asu dah,pgn blk ke jaman dlu d,mending tiap hari dibilang POOR MA CHARES PANDA ENTOD BABI LAKNAT daripada kaya gini ga maen2..cibe2,tahiq la gw bth KEBEBASAN!!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

At last,more or less now I could think less of Adeline (Adine)...Feels good!!!^^ Thx to Audition's August Patch,it rocks!!!Don't know why the songs calms Me down...;p

Happy Birthday to You You Day..

Happy Birthday to You You Dear..

Itusumo arigatou..Daremo yorokonde..Yihuu..^^

I hope I could play Maximum Tune & Initial D as normally as before...
There's a saying "Practice makes Perfect" but nobody is Perfect,even though we're God's creations.There's also a saying "If He/She can,You also can" & "If You think You can,You can!"The 2nd Phrase is M.S Vanda's if You know,I'm sure some of You know..

After all this dedication of practice and money spent on Maximum Tune & Initial D,I can't still keep up with the Japanese,even though I've got quite a Good Rep in here,it's barely nothing in Japanese/Malaysia/Singapore,etc..I'm stressed..Am I not talented?I'm not supposed to play this game?My Audition Skills are getting lamer and shitter and rubbisher (Sengaja Grammar Mistake) by days..That game,I'm sure I'm not talented since My Fingers are way too long and big for the size of numpad,I can't keep up anymore..

Oh yeah,yesterday night I had Club Battle in Audition..It was fun!!^^ But one of My Friends,a Couple had a fight just because of over deleting Fs..-_-" It's complicated to explain here,but the main point is that..Anyway,I don't feel like talking about it..

Oh yeah,anybody have this song?

Diorama-Bidadari Kesunyian (Piano Version)

Please send Me the song,or give the link,or wateva..^^


Thursday, August 21, 2008

First of all..Open this site and comment..^^ Don't worry,those supersotomi's victims..It's not the same with it..

Please don't click the buildings as it will fall if You click it..Be nice,hehe..^^

And I'm just so disappointed with Adine..Well,that's this Girl's name..

I'm sure none of You are dumb enough not to notice,this Girl's photo is the same as below..

Well,I'm just really really sad that,She's not like what I foresee,so it's true that You'll never ever going to have a BoyFriend/GirlFriends if You keep foreseeing an imaginary BF/GF(Sorry G singkat) It's just..It's just..Oh,I feel like crying..So EMO now..I've never had this feeling,well actually once wif Annora..But this is even worse..Oh man..I'm stressed out,feel like killing Myself..God,I understand that it's not My Time now to have a Girlfriend,I'll just have to wait until You give Me one..But,I just want to know how it feels to have Your Loved Ones..

This feeling hurts so bad,I've never been hurt this bad..I'm feeling dizzy,don't know what to do,I can't stay focus on helping My Father in Office anymore,even My Medicine,Maximum Tune & Initial D can't heal this pain,I'm frustrated..So this is how it feels,I've never know,why,why,tell Me WHY!!!

I just slept all day yesterday from 6 until 4 o'clock in the evening,I just don't want to do anything,I'm crying in the bed,all alone listening to Yui's songs,yes,I'm serious,it feels good really sometimes to let go all of Your feelings once in awhile,I'm sure non of You who read My Blog won't be interested and won't even care,since it's a personal,it's ok.Blog is meant to express personal feelings to Me..Only My Older Brother understands Me since He's having the same problem..

Even though I want to end This Stupid One-Sided Loved,but I'm already addicted to Your Smile,Your Hair,etc.All those are My Favourite Type of Girl,I know that I only know You through Fs from My Older Brother Wenrou but..Argh,I don't know,My Hearts aches,I'm so ashamed crying like this,why..Usually whenever I looked upon Pretty Girls photos I just forget them in 1 hour,but not this one,why?WHY?Are You trying to test Me God?God only test His Creations,which is us,that the creations itself can handle,yes I could persevere..But this is..

First My Sister,then Her,why?Why am I now interested in Girls so bad?Why can't I just turn into the old Me,the old idiotic Udon who never interested in Girls,playing Online & Arcade Games all day,being crazy together with friends,why?I've sworn one day before that I ain't gonna get married,but now..W-H-Y?!I did't tell My Parents what's happening to Me since I'm not eating one full day and I was staying on bed the whole day,This is stressful..

Why can't I just forget this Girl,I mean..I don't even know Her..This silly little meet-up in Audition is making me suffer..JUST BECAUSE OF THAT INCIDENT!!!ARGH!!I HATE MYSELF!!!
Because of Her I can't have a blank mind like I've used to have..Can't focus at work,whenever I play My Favourite Game which is Maximum Tune & Initial D,I always spun out,ram the wall,My Skills and Superior Top Tier is gone..Fuck,Shit,Faggot,Bloody Damned,Gay,Bitch,etc..Stress2~
How I miss the old time in V3 when I still capable of doing this..
It's actually not a video of Mine,but the Time & Gameplay of this Guy is apparently the same with Me,I only got videos of mine in V4,this is V3,it's way harder..
(This is Me when I don't know how to TST,the Driver isn't Me,but the gameplay's like mine,bnr2 mirip cara maenya ma gw)
(This is Me when I know TST,although it's not Me,but our gameplay is quite similiar,this is what makes Me won the Genting Malaysia ID's Tournament)
This is the 2nd Champ video in Malaysia Genting ID's Tournament that I won,lucky I didn't face Him in this track,I'll definitely LOSE..
(God Play)
I wish that I could go back in time playing ID3 again...That's it for now..
PS:To those Non-ID Fellow Readers,if You think Initial D sucks,stinks,shit,etc.Try playing the shit game Yourself and see who's the shit.



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